RTD Cocktails are The Future of Bartending

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While Uncle Tim’s Cocktails is busy hosting events, running a tasting room, and attending festivals, our main focus is our bottled, craft cocktails. Our concoctions make it easy to create exquisite tasting experiences in the comfort of your own home. RTDs, or ready-to-drink cocktails, have been around for quite some time. The difference between Uncle Tim’s Cocktails and your standard canned vodka soda is the quality we bring to every bottle. We only use the highest-quality spirits, liqueurs, and ingredients to craft our cocktails. 

Let’s talk about RTDs, ready-to-drink cocktails. As an industry, RTD cocktails are expected to grow to a valuation of $41 billion by 2028 (Ibis World). Some of the most well-known brands of RTD cocktails include Whiteclaw, High Noon, and Cutwater Spirits, but many more are paving the way for high-quality, spirit-forward canned, and bottled craft cocktails.

As an RTD cocktail brand, Uncle Tim’s Cocktails prides itself on providing restaurant-quality, bottled cocktails. We also offer cocktails that aren’t easily found amongst the RTDs already out there, such as a White Negroni and a Smoked Manhattan. Rather than offering our cocktails in a can like our competitors, we also add value to our beverages by packaging them in shelf-stable glass bottles. Among all the other reasons Uncle Tim’s Cocktails stands out on the shelves, we also include premium ingredients at a fraction of the cost of your average restaurant or bar cocktail. Restaurants and bars are taking notice, too. 

Denver has no shortage of great quality spirits. Whether you prefer hard lemonade or a boulevardier, it’s easy to find a Denver-local RTD brand all throughout the metro area. Restaurants and bars in the Denver area have begun to adapt their menus to include RTD cocktails. An example of this is Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox, a restaurant and live performance venue, offering RTD cocktails from Mad Lemon and The Family Jones. While these cocktails would be easy for any bartender to make, RTD brands are saving bartenders time by providing a good quality and consistent cocktail that is ready to go when it arrives behind the bar. 

Uncle Tim’s Cocktails believes the details matter. It’s why we put “bottled with love” on every bottle of our concoctions. It’s why we use the best, shelf-stable ingredients in each variation. Uncle Tim’s Cocktails is a unique tasting experience that’s easy on the palate and wallet.

If you’d like to try our variations on the Negroni or Manhattan, please stop by our tasting room, shop online, or use our store locator.

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