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A Pop-Up Collaborative Art Exhibit Celebrating the Autumn Equinox

Hosted By Uncle Tim’s Cocktails & Laureleaf Artistry

Supporting: Mental Health Colorado

Contact Email:

Application Deadline: August 12th, 2023 at Midnight

Event Date: Friday Evening, September 22nd, 2023

Location: Uncle Tim’s Cocktails | Denver, CO

Submission Fee: FREE

Venue Commission: If selected for event, 20% of all art sales will go to Uncle Tim’s Cocktails

We are calling upon all artists to participate by submitting their original, creative, and innovative art that captures the essence of the theme transformation and the autumn equinox.

In this collaborative event, we welcome artists to explore the ways that transformation manifests in our lives, nature, and beyond. Your art could delve into the nature of falling leaves, the interplay between light & dark, reflecting on the past, or gratitude for the harvest. Let your imagination flow and embrace the spirit of innovation as you interpret and express the theme.

Artists have the opportunity to submit either their completed works that embody the essence of autumn's transformation or propose project/artwork ideas that they wish to bring to life for this exhibit. We encourage you to think outside the conventional boundaries and create pieces that evoke emotions, inspire curiosity, and foster dialogue among our diverse audience.

Together, let's transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, celebrating the beauty of change through the power of art.

Exhibition Opportunity: All accepted art pieces will be displayed in a pop up art exhibit. Each artist has the option of leaving one or more art pieces to be showcased for one month at Uncle Tim's Cocktails.

Audience: Your artwork will be seen by a diverse audience attending the event.

Recognition and Exposure: Gain recognition and exposure through our extensive event marketing efforts.

Sales Opportunities: Directly engage with potential buyers and have the chance to make sales.

Media Attention: Your artwork may attract media attention and receive press coverage.

Exhibition Catalog: All selected artists will be published in a stylish online exhibition catalog.

Visitor Interaction: Engage with visitors, receive feedback, and connect with art enthusiasts.

Comped Ticket: Each accepted artist will receive a complimentary +1 ticket to the event.

Age Requirement: Must be 18 years or older.

Geographic Limitation: Must be local to Denver, Colorado and surrounding areas.

Admissible Artworks: Pornographic, violent, racially or religiously hateful, inappropriate, or offensive content will not be accepted.

Style, Medium & Techniques: We welcome all mediums and techniques, including murals, interactive installations, illustrations, paintings, collages, graphics, sculptures, and more.

Duration: There is no limit for artwork creation year. Artworks created within the last 5 years are preferred.

Availability: Artists can submit artworks that are not for sales.

Artwork Photo: Only the artwork should show in the photo (no frames or extraneous backgrounds). Please submit a high resolution (300dpi) jpg of each art piece. File Name should be LastName_Title. Include photo credentials if the photo is not taken by you/you do not own photograph copyright.

Artist Headshot: Please submit a photo of yourself to be used, if selected, for promotional materials and exhibition. Photo must be a high resolution (300dpi) jpg. File Name should be LastName. Include photo credentials if the photo is not taken by you/you do not own photograph copyright.

Exhibit Labels: Please write an exhibit label for each art piece you submit. Format should be: Artist Name | Title, Year | Medium | Dimensions in inches (frame included) | $ - Cost or “Not for Sale”

August 12th: Application Deadline

August 14th: Artists will be selected and notified via email

September 15th: Art Submission Deadline

Sept (Exact date TBD): Deliver physical pieces to the designated location for art installation.

September 22nd: Pop up art exhibit will take place in the evening

October (Exact date TBD): Art pickup date (if left uncollected).

Artwork Approval: All artworks are subject to approval before being considered for the opportunity.

Accurate Information: All information provided by the Artist should be genuine and accurate.

Artistic Data Updates: Artists should promptly inform Lauren Viridian at of any changes to their artistic data.

Submission Deadline: Artwork cannot be modified or added to after the submission deadline has passed.

Copyright Declaration: By submitting to this opportunity, artists declare that their artwork is not a copy, derivative, or infringing upon the work of others in any way.

Artist Copyrights: The artist retains all copyrights of their work.

Permission for Promotion: By submitting to this opportunity, the artist unconditionally accepts and grants permission for the use of their personal and artwork's image and data by the organizer, cooperative service providers, and third parties for promoting the artist, the event, and related publications. The provided materials and information may be published and circulated in all advertising and promotional media, both in print and digital.

Termination of Agreement: The event reserves the right to terminate this agreement and remove the artist's artwork(s) from our website(s) at any time and for any reason.

Confidentiality: Personal information and submitted materials will be treated with confidentiality and used solely for the purpose of the selection process.

Insurance: This event does not provide art/artist insurance. If you would like to be insured you are welcome to get your own.

Artist-Buyer Interaction: The artist agrees to directly handle negotiations with the buyer regarding payment, framing, shipping, etc. The event is not responsible or liable for any issues arising from the buyer-seller transaction.

"Refracted Dreams" by Lauraleaf Artistry