One of Uncle Tim’s all-time favorite cocktails is a Mezcal Negroni. After nearly two years of searching, tasting, and batching, we’ve finally settled on the perfect Mezcal to be included in our Mezcal Negroni.

What exactly is Mezcal? Legend has it that Mezcal came to be when a lightning bolt struck an agave plant, causing the plant to cook and release juices. Thus, earning it the nickname “elixir of the gods.”

"Distilled and bottled on site with the strictest adherence to traditional artisinal and organic methods. From 5440 above sea level, in a unique micro-climate of the Sierra Madre Oriental Mountains...the real birthplace of Mezcal, we bring you artisin, slow roasted, naturally fermented 100% pure distillate Espadin Agave Mezcal." - Don Tacho

So, why make this nectar of the gods into a Negroni?  Well, why not take two beautiful things and combine them? Some would say the Negroni is the perfect cocktail, and those people have exquisite taste. We’re finally ready to release this Negroni series addition, which will be a limited release. But we need your help getting it launched.

We plan on having two versions for pre-order, both only available in our 750mL. One unaged (ready to ship on July 1st, 2024) and one barrel-aged (ready to ship on December 1st, 2024). 

Making this cocktail a reality will only be possible with your support. By placing your preorder for the Mezcal Negroni, you’re actively helping us produce this cocktail. We need your help getting us to 100 bottles sold by January 31st, 2024 to launch this cocktail on time. So please spread the word. 

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Note from Uncle Tim

Think of a motorcycle ride through Oaxaca and you'll have the taste and feel of our Mezcal Negroni. Mezcal, Sweet Vermouth, Bitter Liqueur. Garnish with an orange peel. Yum.