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Where would you pick first if you could travel anywhere in the world right now? For some, the answer is parked on an Italian coast side or snuggled up in the warmth of a log cabin in the Swiss Alps. Uncle Tim has traversed the world looking for the best spots to drink his signature concoctions. Allow us to paint you a picture of where we would enjoy our Negroni and Manhattan cocktails.


Classic Negroni: Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como, Italy

You’re lounging on a towel on a shady beachside in North Italy. You’ve got a beautiful plate of fruits and vegetables to your right and your closest companion to your left. After the beach, you head back to the best all-inclusive resort and prepare for a stunning lakeside dinner with your close friend. Before dinner, your friend pulls out a small glass bottle from their luggage and pours you a fresh Classic Negroni. The two of you enjoy your cocktails, which far surpass any of the Italian cocktail bars you’ve visited, on the balcony of your room as you watch the Italian flags beat in the wind, then head down to start your night.

Initially invented in Italy, the Classic Negroni dates all the way back to the early 20th century and is the perfect pre-dinner cocktail choice. The Negroni has since had a resurgence due to one viral variation, the Negroni Sbagliato, which uses prosecco instead of gin. This citrusy, refreshing cocktail is perfect for starting your appetite out right before a stunning evening exploring the Italian coastline. 

White Negroni: Fjords of Norway

Fjords, Norway

You’re sitting on a picnic blanket among the coastline of a fjord. Next to you is a delightful spread of meats and cheeses, and there are flowers peaking up from the sides of the picnic blanket. You begin your time in Norway by painting the scenery around you and sipping on a light White Negroni.

The White Negroni is an excellent choice for a picnic or outdoor rendezvous. This drink is light and easy on the palate. The beautiful, floral notes of this delicious cocktail will compliment the scenery of the Fjords in an indescribable way. Its lemony scent will transport you to a citrusy paradise with every sip.

Boulevardier: Seine River, Paris

You’re spending the day in the city of love, Paris. You start your time in Paris with a fresh croissant before heading into the Louvre. After your trip to the art museum, you head to the lawn of the Eiffel tower for lunch beneath one of the world’s wonders. You finish off your afternoon with some shopping and head to the Seine to enjoy the beautiful Paris weather with an early supper on the riverside. 

During your supper, you sneakily pour a Boulevardier into a cocktail glass. Sip, sip, perfection. You won’t even need to find a Parisian cocktail bar for a locally inspired beverage. The punchy bourbon cocktail lights up your palate and makes you hungrier. You head back to your hotel to prepare for a night on the town, looking for love. The clock strikes midnight in Paris, and you finish your night of dancing and romancing. 

The Boulevardier, created in Paris, is the best mid-afternoon snack you could ask for. This fruity, biting cocktail is sophisticated, much like the city it was invented in.

Classic Manhattan: Munich, Germany

Munich, Germany

You’ve just arrived at Munich airport and you’re ready for a fun-filled adventure in Munich. First, you make a stop at Olympia Park to see the wonders of what was once the Munich Olympics hotspot. Next, you visit the city’s best monuments: you stroll in the English Gardens, stop by the Victuals Market, visit a Munich local brewery, and live lavishly at the Nymphenburg Palace.

 As the day progresses, you start to get chilly. So, you open up a Classic Manhattan to warm up from the inside out. The warm spices and vanilla graze your tongue and surprise you with the uplifting flavor of this bourbon cocktail. 

Smoked Manhattan: The Highlands, Iceland

Icelandic Volcano

You’ve just arrived in the Highlands of Iceland and are prepping to explore the country’s most scenic and uncharted destinations. You’ve rented your off-road vehicles and begun your excursion. First, you head to the base of Askja, one of Iceland’s more active volcanoes. As molten lava bubbles next to you, you stop and take in the view from the top. Next, you find yourself traversing the vast landscape of the Vatnajökull National Park. You explore the lava fields and stop by an Icelandic crater lake.

After a long day of exploration, you head back to your Iceland hotel to cozy in on this cold winter night. Instead of exploring Iceland nightlife, your preference is to light the fireplace, and along with it, open a bottle of our Smoked Manhattan. This cocktail is the ideal way to end your night in Iceland. 

Midnight Manhattan: Nuuk, Greenland


Imagine arriving in Greenland for the first time. It’s the end of September and it’s dark in the middle of the day. You peruse the Nuuk Art Museum and check out some local attractions and restaurants while you await the main attraction: the Northern Lights. Midnight rolls around and you plant yourself in the middle of a frost-covered field.

As the clock strikes midnight, you open a Midnight Manhattan and enjoy the view. This dark, rich cocktail is the perfect concoction for the cathartic experience of witnessing the Northern Lights for the first time. This memory is engrained in your brain as your new happy place. Every time you sip the Midnight Manhattan or even smell an Amaro, you’re reminded of one of the most beautiful experiences you’ve ever had during your Nuuk vacation.

Your Next Vacation

If any of these experiences sound good to you, you’re in the right place. Uncle Tim’s Cocktails was made with the world traveler in mind. Which cocktail-filled trip would you take? Whether you’re a beachgoer or castle explorer, we’ve got you covered. Check out our Aluminum Travel bottles for your next vacation to go purchase!

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