What Cocktail You Should Order Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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It can be tricky to identify exactly what kind of cocktail you’re in the mood for when out on the town. We often look for signs and symbols in our daily lives for guidance. If you’re the type of person who looks towards the moon phases for introspection or reads your horoscope daily, this is the blog for you. We’ve compiled a list of what cocktails each zodiac sign should order. Check out our recommendations below.

Capricorn: Responsible, Disciplined, Traditional

Cocktail: Old-fashioned

This responsible and family-oriented Earth sign is often very serious in nature. They have excellent self awareness and control, meaning that they know exactly what they want. What this disciplined sign truly craves is a drink as sophisticated and traditional as them. For this practical sign, we recommend an old fashioned. This bitter whiskey cocktail is perfect for the capricorn because like the whiskey drinker, a capricorn has a taste for things of a higher caliber with a hint of zest or sweetness. This is similar to their relationship with other signs ruled by Saturn.

Aquarius: Unique, Independent, Intellectual

Cocktail: Negroni

An aquarius, belonging to the element of air, is a rare breed of astrological sign. Aquarians are independent, making them energized about their need for freedom, and eccentric in every way. This sign is ruled by Uranus, meaning they think well on their feet and adapt well to change. For this intellectual and unique sign, we recommend the classic Negroni cocktail. An herbaceous and fruity cocktail, the negroni is our choice for aquarians because they’ll favor the well balanced and diverse flavor profile of this gin drink. Not sure where to find this antique recipe? Check out our variations of the Negroni Cocktail.

Pisces: Compassionate, Artistic, Gentle

Cocktail: Mimosa

Pisces are very friendly and compassionate people, they have the ability to get along with just about anyone. For this water sign, we recommend a refreshing mimosa cocktail. The citrusy flavor of the mimosa represents their zest for life, while the bubbles from the prosecco match their expressive nature. Ruled by the planets Neptune and Jupiter, this sign has amazing intuition so they always pour the perfect ratio of orange juice into their fizzy breakfast drink. Due to their empathy, this sign can understand just about anyone, the same way a mimosa can delight crowds of all backgrounds. 

Aries: Confident, Determined, Optimistic 

Cocktail: Cosmopolitan

The first sign in the zodiac year, the aries is the beginning of a positively energizing and social time. Ruled by the sun, an aries is capable of turning even their wildest idea into a reality. For this determined sign, we recommend the cosmopolitan. The cosmopolitan represents the exuberant nature of the sign, with the tang from the lime in the drink representing their fiery tendencies. This enthusiastic and courageous sign represents everything people of other signs imagine from a fire sign.

Taurus: Reliable, Patient, Devoted

Cocktail: Moscow Mule

A devoted and patient earth sign, a taurus sticks to their metaphorical guns with more conviction in their choice than there is blood in their body. The taurus is a reliable sign, nearly as reliable as the classic taste of a Moscow mule. We chose the Moscow mule for this sign because of its committed group of followers, representing how this sign stays grounded and committed when they make a choice. Ruled by the planet Venus, this tender sign loves deeply and is fiercely loyal.

Gemini: Curious, Adaptable, Loving

Cocktail: Mojito

Geminis are expressive in nature and curious at heart. They lust for unique experiences and are often referred to as the sign with two personalities. This means that while the gemini is sociable and confident, they are also rather serious and thoughtful. For this sign, we recommend the mojito cocktail for their taste buds. The mojito contains mint and lime that’s refreshing and sweet in coordination with the spice of the rum. The duality of this drink is the perfect combination for both sides of this sign ruled by the planet Mercury.

Cancer: Loyal, Sympathetic, Imaginative

Cocktail: Tom Collins

The cancer, a sign ruled by the moon, is a highly imaginative and emotionally tapped-in sign. They have the ability to sympathize with any situation and are fiercely loyal. This water sign cares deeply for the people around them. For this sign, we recommend the Tom Collins cocktail, a gin-based drink. This adult lemonade is perfect for the cancer because of its fizzy and sweet profile, but don’t be fooled by those tastes. While the Tom Collins is sweet, it’s never too sweet, similar to how the cancer might be perceived as emotionally driven but is a strong believer in what they feel is right.

Leo: Passionate, Generous, Warm

Cocktail: Manhattan

People born under the sign Leo are passionate about, well, everything. This fire sign is creative and dominant, making them excellent candidates for leadership. For this sign ruled by the sun, we recommend the Manhattan cocktail. This whisky-based drink is a great choice for the leo because of its ability to be adapted, much like the personality of the leo in being molded to best fit those around them. A generous and warm sign, the leo is likely to love the manhattan because it represents their favorite personality traits. We’d like to think leos would enjoy our Manhattan Cocktails too.

Virgo: Kind, Hardworking, Connected

Cocktail: Pina Colada

Virgos are one of the most analytical and careful zodiac signs. They pay attention to every detail, are methodical at heart, and are well connected to the world around them. For this hardworking earth sign, we recommend the pina colada cocktail. This classic recipe is easy to get wrong and hard to perfect, but if anyone can perfect it, it’s the hardworking virgo. Ruled by the planet Mercury, this sign is a great communicator and has well defined goals and dreams, much like the well defined flavor profile of the pina colada.

Libra: Social, Fair-minded, Diplomatic

Cocktail: Mai-tai

Libras are known for being gracious, fair-minded, and social beings. Someone born under the sign libra is a natural peacemaker for those around them. This air sign has strong intelligence and a lot to say. For this sign, we recommend the mai tai cocktail. This cocktail is enjoyed by the libra because of the balanced nature the two share. The mai tai is tart and strong, with a hint of citrus and sweetness. This Venus ruled sign aims to add harmony and symmetry to everything in their life.

Scorpio: Friendly, Resourceful, Brave

Cocktail: White Russian

Scorpios are known for their resourcefulness and their dedication to the challenges they have to overcome. This water sign is friendly, brave, and passionate. There’s nothing a scorpio loves more than finding the truth for themselves and turning their biggest dreams into reality. For this resourceful sign, we recommend the white Russian cocktail. This cocktail is made of a sweet coffee liqueur and a dollop of cream, an unexpected combination. We relate the white Russian cocktail to the scorpio because there’s nothing this sign ruled by Pluto and Mars can’t do with the right fuel.

Sagittarius: Philosophical, Generous, Energetic

Cocktail: Boulevardier

Sagittarius' are known as the traveler sign. This fire sign craves exploration in both a metaphorical and literal sense. This sign, ruled by the planet Jupiter, is also full of enthusiasm, generosity, and philosophy. For this energetic sign, we recommend the boulevardier cocktail. With origins in Italy, France, and America, this cocktail was invented for the traveling spirit this fire sign brings with it everywhere it goes. Additionally, this cocktail can be hard to find. Luckily, we made our own version of the Boulevardier.

We hope this blog helps you decide what drink to include in your repertoire for your next night out!

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