Why I’m Obsessed with The Espresso Martini: The History, Our Intention, and Our Rendition of this Fan-Favorite Cocktail

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Hey girls and girlies by association(more on this later),

It’s your girl, The Niece. I wanted to come here and tell you more about me and what I hope to accomplish with this collaboration on the Espresso Martini. As you know by now, our dear Uncle Tim has asked for my help launching this iconic cocktail, and I couldn’t possibly turn this opportunity down. So, here’s more reasoning behind why I chose this route for the grand unveiling of the newest product in our lineup: the bottled Espresso Martini.

When my uncle first came to me with the idea of launching the Espresso Martini, I have to admit... I was a little jealous. This caffeinated cocktail has been a staple pregame drink for my friends and I since well, ever. Luckily though, Uncle Tim knew how much this drink and its lore meant to me and asked for my help. I gladly took the wheel and well, now here I am. Allow me to tell you a little more about why I’m so obsessed with this drink.

The True Origin of The Espresso Martini Cocktail

The Espresso Martini has one semi-concrete origin story and girl, is it iconic. Imagine, you’re bartending at a hot new club in London in the late 1980s, when this scrawny, gutsy, and scantily-clad girl comes up to your bar with one request: “Wake me up and f*ck me up.” Flash forward a few(or forty) years and that girl is now a world-renowned it girl, supermodel, and skincare brand owner. Yep, that girl is Kate Moss.

Many know her for her… choice words over the years. Yet not as many know she can be credited as the inspiration behind one of the most popular cocktails on every bar menu this decade. Like her, this drink has come a long way since its inception by bartending icon Dick Bradsell. Iterations include garnishing with parmesan cheese (lol wut) and riffing like you would a latte by adding floral or herbal elements.

Illustrious past aside, it’s time we thank Moss for once again serving(and serving) as the muse for an artist’s passion. If it weren’t for her, bars would close earlier, friends would bail more, and coffee would’ve never met its soulmate in vodka.

The Tradition and Deeper Meaning of The Coffee Cocktail

You’re probably wondering why I’m even explaining all this. It’s because this cocktail is more than just a boost in energy for the late-nighter. The Espresso Martini has garnered a cult following, sure for the fact that it's utterly delicious, but also for how it honors tradition. Take for example the garnish: three coffee beans. These three beans symbolize health, wealth, and happiness, which are some of the most important things in life. The three-bean meaning comes from the traditional serving of Sambuca, an-anise flavored liqueur originating in Italy.

You might think I sound vapid for saying wealth is important to me, but you’d only be looking at the popular meaning for the word. I interpret wealth as being the quality of the things I allow into my life. The quality of my relationships, the quality of my work, and the quality of my mindset are things I believe make me wealthy.

A Premium Premade Espresso Martini Option

Speaking of quality, I’d now like to talk more about the intention my Uncle Tim put into this cocktail. Unlike it’s canned counterparts, the taste throughout our Espresso Martini is velvety and smooth. This is due, in part, to the proprietary espresso cold brew blend we use in this cocktail. We partnered with Sati Coffee Company to create this blend, ensuring that the espresso wasn’t too strong, nor the tongue shock from the vodka.

In addition to the cold brew blend, we elevated this coffee cocktail by adding our own blend of craft vanilla and cherry bark bitters. The result? A delightful and rich flavor that’ll leave you craving more. Drink it chilled as-is, or if you prefer a lighter coffee taste, mix 3 parts Espresso Martini with 1 part of your milk of choice (my preference is oat).

For The Girls Means Everyone

So why bring me, The Niece, in for this launch? Well, to put it simply, the Espresso Martini is a bit different from my Uncle Tim’s typical playbook. You’ve all experienced the spirit-forward taste of his Negroni or Manhattan and I think you’ll agree, our Espresso Martini is unlike other bottled cocktails in our line. A friend of mine even said she, “needs some hair on her chest,” to enjoy a Negroni. Which I totally understand. Not everyone’s palette is made for such strong flavors. That in mind, the Espresso Martini is a cocktail that was made for girls like me. We appreciate quality cocktails but can’t exactly order more than one spirit-forward cocktail in an evening.

When I say our Espresso Martini is, “for the girls,” I don’t want this to be misconstrued. To get down to brass tacks, no beverage is inherently gendered. I say “for the girls,” to illustrate the fact that, yes, some of our current offerings require a palette that prefers a stronger flavor, while this Espresso Martini was made to cater to every palette. The reality is, the Espresso Martini is for everyone. This caffeinated cocktail is approachable, and yet still refined. You can feel sophisticated drinking this without compromising for a bitter or stronger alcoholic taste.

The Espresso Martini: Bottled to Perfection

Regardless of your experience behind the bar or with certain spirits, you deserve to be able to enjoy a restaurant-quality, craft cocktail at home. It’s the reason we got into the business of bottling our favorite cocktails to begin with. Uncle Tim’s Cocktails is about sharing that love for quality beverages with your chosen community. So, next time you host a dinner party or simply want a sweet treat after a long day, consider Uncle Tim’s Cocktails. All you need? A bottle, some ice, and the desire for a craft beverage option. Share with the company you keep, or savor it for yourself.

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