Wow your Cocktail Party Guests with These Tips from Expert Host Uncle Tim

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Uncle Tim is no stranger to passing out cocktails – or advice. We’ve gathered up some of his notes on hosting the perfect cocktail party that have stood the test of time no matter the occasion. 

A variety to Taste

If Uncle Tim is passionate about anything, it’s making sure one’s bar is fully stocked with the proper ingredients and tools so that every guest can be served a proper cocktail of their preference. Offer a signature cocktail for the evening, but be sure to have options for the friend who doesn’t do whiskey or the friend with an allergy. No guest shall leave without imbibing! Even the designated driver should have a mocktail available.

Set the Mood

Though the cocktails are the star of the show, everything should come together in a cohesive experience. Set the mood with a thoughtful playlist that fits the evening. Are you lounging in the yard? Celebrating a birthday? Dancing late into the night? Have your tunes ready for whatever the occasion is. Not a fan of playing DJ? Uncle Tim curated playlists for his cocktails that could work for your occasion. Listen in on his Manhattan or Negroni series playlists.

Curate the Ambience

Decorate appropriately for your party! The key to getting the right ambience is right lighting. Uncle Tim is a firm believer that overhead lighting should be avoided at all costs, unless they’re strings of soft white lights. Add subtle details like trinkets or talismans from your journeys and if you’re anything like Uncle Tim you’ll have guests enamored with stories for the whole evening.

Offer your guests something to eat. What goes better with a cocktail than some finely prepared hors d’oeuvres? Remember to include small bites for all dietary preferences!

Consider Entertainment

Some lighthearted games to get everyone chatting are generally well received. Card games, charades, or even a truth or dare. Whatever the occasion there’s likely a game to be played. One of Uncle Tim’s greatest parties was a murder mystery that lasted late into the evening (or rather early into the morning) until the case was solved.

Worried about pulling all these details together? Check one item off your to-do list and avoid getting stuck playing bartender all night by ordering Uncle Tim’s Cocktails. Check out our liquor cabinet.

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