Uncle Tim's Cocktails Has A New Mobile Bar Serving Craft Cocktails at Local Events

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the top front portion of the horsetrailer we turned into a mobile bar, in front of an out of focus double rainbow.

If you’ve ever planned an event, you understand how time consuming and arduous the process can be. Every single detail down to the last drop of wine is carefully crafted, ensuring no loose ends come undone. Whether your schtick is fall pumpkin patch festivals or intimate wedding rehearsals, we know how much work it takes to achieve the event of your dreams. It doesn’t go unnoticed! If you’re looking for a way to simplify the event planning process, look no further; Uncle Tim’s mobile bar is here to help!

Mobile Bars Are The Future

Rather than scouring the internet for perfect restaurants with great cocktails, while staying on a limited budget and crossing your fingers that they have fine wine and good spirits, consider the alternative of a cocktail bar that comes to you. Portable bars and mobile bartender services are the new craze for event planners, taking one hassle out of hosting large events by owning a section of the event itself.

Uncle Tim’s Cocktails recognized this opportunity in the event planning industry and set to work on creating our own spin. Enter, our mobile bar trailer. If you’re thinking of hosting friends for an evening of live music or transforming your weekly happy hour into a surprise proposal celebration, we’ve got the drinks covered.

What Sets Uncle Tim’s Cocktails Apart

We’ve all seen how quickly the mobile vendor industry has grown over the years, but if you’ve been asleep at the wheel, we’ll catch you up. What makes Uncle Tim’s mobile bar so special is its ability to be completely customized to fit your vision. On top of our staple batches like our Negroni and Manhattan cocktail series’, Uncle Tim’s Cocktails also offers custom concoctions exclusively created for your event.

We’re also uniquely positioned to provide all of your bartending needs, straight from the trailer. Our craft cocktails are produced by bartenders and restaurateurs with decades of experience, meaning we’re equipped to handle anything you might want to see at your event. Interested in a signature cocktail named after your dog? We’ve got you covered.

What to Expect from our Mobile Bar Services

When you rent out Uncle Tim’s Cocktails for your event, we ensure your entire experience with us is of the highest possible quality. All of Uncle Tim’s Cocktails use good spirits, bitters and ingredients; We believe in and only serve quality. Take a look at our offerings below!

  • We provide all cocktails, spirits, mixers and non-alcoholic beverages. 
  • We will also provide our one-of-a-kind horse trailer. 
  • We can also pour beer and wine for any private event.
  • In addition to our signature Uncle Tim’s Cocktails, we can also create custom cocktails tailored to your event.
  • Outside of our standard event rentals, we also offer an a la carte menu of additional services, including additional bartenders, a champagne toast and tableside cocktail or wine service at dinner.

Reserve our Services Today

If you’re looking for the best quality drinking experience for you and your guests, Uncle Tim’s Cocktails should be your focal point. Our dedicated team is ecstatic you’d consider us and our great cocktails to be a part of your next celebration. We are proud to service all of Colorado and surrounding states. To book our mobile bar for your next party or reception, reach out on our website or social media for more information. We also offer instant reservations for a 50% deposit. Preserve life’s most bottle-able moments with Uncle Tim’s Cocktails.

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